Service and Provisions

Cat-Sitting PARIS is at Your Service Seven Days a Week

How does it work ?

Getting in Touch and Paying you a First Visit

We get in touch via telephone or e-mail. In order to write the guard contract as well as the visits, we send you an e-mail with our specifications sheet to fill in with the necessary information about the cat ‘s environment such as its diet, vet address, etc. Once we have these information, we make an appointment with you at home to meet the cat or cats and get to know better where these lovely creatures live. Then, we sign the guard contract. The keys handing over can be done either in this first meeting or in another one.The good news is that you don’t have to pay a penny neither for this first visit nor for the administration charges.

The Visit

Each visit lasts 30 minutes and looks almost exactly like the following :

As soon as we arrive, we look for the cat and make sure it is doing well. We clean the bowls and fill them in with the food quantity agreed upon in the first visit. Once the cat is served, we can move to the litter upkeeping. Then, it is time to play, cuddle and enjoy these precious happy moments full of purring with satisfaction. We can also clean the cat’s eyes and ears, if need be. When the visit comes to an end, we send you a kind of report usually with one or more pictures of your cat. We also propose some additional services such as the collecting and transfering of your mail, purchasing and bringing food and cat litter to your house, instilling drops, giving pills, or injecting shots to your pet. You can read more things about our services.

Learn More About Our Services

–          Cleaning bowls, serving fresh food and water.

–          Cleaning the milk pail and the litter box.

–          Offering a lot of love, affection, care, games ….

–          Upkeeping  of the cat if need be (brushing, eyes and ears hygiene, etc)

–          Having of your cat’s news if you wish via sms or mms.

–          Watering your plants.

–          Collecting and sending you your mail

–          Airing the house

Additional Services

-Your cat needs a daily medical treatment or a vaccination renewal but you can’t take it to see the vet because of your busy scheduale. Don’t worry since we will pick up your cat, take it to the vet, then take it back home.

-Your cat is diabetic and must have two shots of insulin a day at an exact hour when you are absent. Never mind. We will be there on time to give it its shot.

– you will not be able to be at home but you may receive some very important mail. Just enjoy your time because we will collect them and send them to where you are spending your vacation.

-You are very busy and short of time to buy all the necessary food or any other things for your cat before your departure. It is simple, we will take very good care of all these tasks for you (purchasing and home delivery of the cat’s food or litter, for example).